Otello Nepi’s factory was founded more than 50 years ago after the end of the Second World War . At first it was a foundry producing special items on order, but soon it started to design and produce various kinds of machines. From 1954, with the spreading of knitted goods industry in the surrounding area , the Otello Nepi started to produce also ironing machines. In fact the first patents date this time. In the following years this kind of production got more and more specialised creating and realizing pre–ironing and cutting machines, steam generators, thermoprinting and thermosticking.

After the death of Mr . Otello Nepi , his son , Dr. Luigi Nepi , took the direction of the factory which is now called NEPI OTELLO & C. S.R.L. and continues to produce pre-ironing, ironing, cutting machines and steam generators. It’s specialised in designing and realising any kind of system both for Italy and abroad (where most part for the production is directed).